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Envestnet | PMC Launches ActivePassive ETF Suite

Envestnet | PMC has launched a series of ActivePassive Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) that enable financial advisors to access a combined strategy of traditional active investments and low-cost passive investments. The four ActivePassive ETFs, which consist of passive and factor-based exposures managed by Envestnet and active exposures managed by third-party investment managers, are the ActivePassive U.S. Equity ETF (APUE), ActivePassive International Equity ETF (APIE), ActivePassive Core Bond ETF (APCB), and ActivePassive Intermediate Municipal Bond ETF (APMU). These ETFs will be included in the ActivePassive PMC ETF Portfolios, which are multi-asset model portfolios managed by Envestnet. Envestnet’s research indicates that combining systematic factor-based strategies and skilled traditional active strategies with passive investment vehicles may be a more efficient and cost-effective approach to generating returns. The ETFs are inherently tax-efficient and liquid, making them easier for advisors to build portfolios aligned with client needs.