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AXS Investments Launches Two New Innovative ETFs

AXS Investments has just announced the launch of two ETFs, both of which will be the first of their kind. The two ETFs are: AXS 2X Innovation ETF (TARK) and the AXS Short China Internet ETF (SWEB). TARK is looking to get twice (2X) the exposure to innovative industries such as genomics, autonomous vehicles, and the next generation of the internet with a leveraged portfolio of companies in the industry. In a statement AXS said, “recent market conditions have created what we view as a very compelling entry point for high conviction investors who believe in the value of innovation…” SWEB, on the other hand, is looking to get 1X daily short exposure to internet companies based in China with AXS, stating, “We believe offering inverse exposure to China’s Internet sector creates an opportunity for those investors who foresee a continuation of the market and geopolitical headwinds that are currently confronting Chinese technology and Internet-related companies…”

ETF Newz Says: With their lineup AXS is the leading provider for alternative strategy ETFs at the moment.