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Harbor Energy Transition Strategy ETF (RENW)

Harbor Capital Advisors, Inc. is bringing a new strategy focused on energy transition to market in early June. “We are delighted to add to our growing ETF lineup by launching the Harbor Energy Transition Strategy ETF, providing investors with what we believe is a very timely and compelling investment strategy. The world is undergoing an energy regime shift that has only been accelerated by recent events. We believe this coming shift is probably the largest since the phasing out of whale oil as a primary source of energy in the late 19th century. Our strategy gives clients the opportunity to invest in, and help facilitate, this transition as the world marches towards a net zero goal,” said President & CIO, Harbor Capital.

ETF Newz Says:

The Quantix Energy Transition Index was developed by Quantix. The objective of the index is to provide diversified exposure to the building blocks of the accelerating transition from carbon-intensive energy sources to less carbon intensive sources of energy using commodity futures. Commodity futures that provide exposure to the energy transition theme are considered component candidates for inclusion in the Index.