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On. Yeah. And that because there was commissions on it. So the, the more shares you bought, the, the more the commission got diluted amongst the shares. But now, because most brokers have waived the commission, a, you can buy, you know, even one share at a time. But even more importantly, the broker that we had Diane work with would allow you to buy dollar amounts of share. So you could buy fractional pieces of share so she could actually test the water. And again, this is outside of her core, boring, for lack of a better word, mutual fund portfolio and everything else outside of that, she could invest, you know, small amounts of money in a lot of different kinds of stock to buy fractional pieces of it, you know, and each month she could go in and, which I think she does well, she’s only supposed to do it once a month, but whether she, you know, I don’t know how rampant she’s with this, but the, we set it up that, okay, at the beginning of every month you go in and you buy $10 worth of, you know, some of the shares that you’re interested in.

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