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DAVID GAROFALO | From Gold Royalty Corp.

It it does and and important from a decarbonization standpoint. It also has some properties that you know, deal with, you know, cleansing of water, cleaning of water, for example, sanitation. So it does have a lot more industrial utility than than gold does. Gold is more of a monetary instrument, but that being said, silver tends to trade in tandem with gold. There’s a relationship, a correlation over the long run. Typically there’s a, a relationship in terms of the gold, the silver price ratio in a bull market for precious metals. It tends to narrow to say 40 to one between the gold and silver price in terms of the ratio between them in, in a more bearish market it might widen to 80 to one.

Creating and monitoring a portfolio

A portfolio is important for several reasons. First, it helps you diversify your investments, which means spreading your money across different assets to reduce risk. By investing in different assets, you are less likely to be affected by the ups and downs of a single investment. Second, a portfolio helps you achieve your financial goals by aligning your investments with your objectives. For example, if your goal is to save for retirement, your portfolio should be geared towards long-term growth. Finally, a portfolio allows you to monitor your investments and make adjustments as needed.

DAPHNE JONES | The Smart Money Chick

My podcast, I’ve got, I’ve got a strictly audio podcast, well there’s a video component, but it was primarily audio grown women growing well. We’ve got about 75 episodes up, had a great time doing it. My partner Roberta Ravel and I, she’s a sales coach and we were interviewing, again, women entrepreneurs, subject matter experts coming in all about starting a business a little bit later and, and how to do so effectively, sales and marketing and things like that. And the big love of my life right now is my YouTube channel, smart Money Chick tv, getting guests to come on and being able to give information about, again, life insurance, finance tech.

DAVID MAURICE SHARP & DIANE CIESLA | The Dancer and the Actress

On. Yeah. And that because there was commissions on it. So the, the more shares you bought, the, the more the commission got diluted amongst the shares. But now, because most brokers have waived the commission, a, you can buy, you know, even one share at a time. But even more importantly, the broker that we had Diane work with would allow you to buy dollar amounts of share. So you could buy fractional pieces of share so she could actually test the water. And again, this is outside of her core, boring, for lack of a better word, mutual fund portfolio and everything else outside of that, she could invest, you know, small amounts of money in a lot of different kinds of stock to buy fractional pieces of it, you know, and each month she could go in and, which I think she does well, she’s only supposed to do it once a month, but whether she, you know, I don’t know how rampant she’s with this, but the, we set it up that, okay, at the beginning of every month you go in and you buy $10 worth of, you know, some of the shares that you’re interested in.

ANMOL SINGH | From Live Traders

Now the, you can’t actually lose all their money because they will, even if they, even though they might be giving you 10,000, 10 million, if you lose, let’s say $5,000 in a day, it it, it automatically shuts off the platform. So that was good because that’s force risk management, right? Which most traders don’t have. Most traders lose because they keep going when they’re losing. Whereas at the firm, if you have a lost target, if it’s hit you’re done for the day, come back tomorrow, they might have lost targets for the week. If you get done for the day, you know, done for the week, come back next week. And at the same level you’d also have profit targets. So it was actually like a, you know, approach that was very binary. You can see your progression, which actually really helps cuz as an individual trader, that’s one of the things we don’t have is a progression path.

CHARLIE MCCAIN | From Harbor Capital Advisors

And the most recent data Phil has been that maybe that vision of a soft landing, maybe supplanted again by a hard landing and recession, as in the United States, the job reports continue to be so resilient and robust, which is confounding experts. So for 2023, from my perspective, I think it’s going to be a more challenging year, not as challenging as 2022, but challenging given the amount of uncertainty around inflation jobs, recession, the geopolitical challenges with Russia, Ukraine, China, I’m in the camp fill of the interest rates will need to go high enough that there will be likely a, a, a recession, maybe a shorter duration recession later in 2023.