Teucrium Launches Bitcoin Futures ETF With Help From Vedder Price

Teucrium Trading has just announced the launch of a new Bitcoin ETF with the help of Vedder Price. The Hashdex Bitcoin Futures ETF is the first of its kind as it is registered and regulated under the Securities Act of 1933 while other Bitcoin futures ETFs are under the Investment Company Act of 1940.
ETF Newz Says:

The SEC granted the ETF approval after they argued that the bitcoin futures market had matured past its surveillance agreement.

AllianceBernstein Launches First Active ETFs

AllianceBernstein Holding L.P. has today announced the launch of two new actively managed ETFs tradings on the NYSE. The ETFs are, the AB Ultra Short Income ETF (YEAR) and the AB Tax-Aware Short Duration Municipal ETF (TAFI).
ETF Newz Says:

The launch marks the first actively managed ETFs from AllianceBernstein with the global trading firm Jane Street, acting as the Lead Market Maker.

Carbon Strategy ETF Launches

Carbon Fund Advisors Inc. have just announced the launch of a new actively managed thematic ETF. The ETF is called, the Carbon Strategy ETF (KARB) and as the name suggests the fund looks to offer investors exposure to carbon markets operating in global compliance. The President of Carbon Fund Advisors released a statement that says, “There is a growing global push to regulate and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to combat climate change, and emissions trading systems can be an effective tool for governments across the glove to achieve their climate goals.”
ETF Newz Says:

KARB will help to give investors another option as many cannot directly buy and sell carbon allowances as it requires an emissions trading system (ETS).

THOR Launches Their First ETF

A newcomer to the scene THOR Financial Technologies has just announced the launch of their first ETF, the THOR Low Volatility (THLV). THLV will be actively managed using THOR’s risk management technology to provide performance corresponding to the THOR U.S. Low Volatility Index.
ETF Newz Says:

The index follows large cap equities in the financial, industrial, technology, energy, healthcare, materials, consumer discretionary, utilities, consumer staples and real estate sectors.

VanEck Launches Thematic Healthcare ETF

VanEck is looking to tap into the healthcare market with the launch of a new thematic ETF. The VanEck Genomics and Healthcare Innovators UCITS ETF is available for trade on the London Stock Exchange and the German Xetra Stock Exchange. The ETF will follow the MVIS Global Future Healthcare ESG Index which tracks companies helping to innovate genetic and digital healthcare applications.
ETF Newz Says:

The goal of the ETF is to offer investors access to both genomics and digitalization which are two of the key areas in developmental healthcare.