New Actively Managed Carbon ETF To Launch

Another carbon ETF is coming to market from Carbon Collective Investing using an actively managed strategy. The ETF is called, the Carbon Collective Climate Solutions U.S. Equity ETF (CCSO). The goal of CCSO is to invest in companies that are fighting to solve climate change.
ETF Newz Says:

CCSO will be invested in around 200 companies of any size that are seen as sustainable options.

Top Performing ETFs of the Week

These were the top performing ETFs of the week. BERZ — MicroSectors Solactive FANG & Innovation -3X Inverse Leveraged ETN +24.34% DRV — Direxion Real Estate Bear 3X Shares +20.04% TECS — Direxion Daily Technology Bear 3X Shares +18.75% WEBS — Direxion Daily Dow Jones Internet Bear 3X Shares +17.91% SQQQ — ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ +17.40%

Worst Performing ETFs of the Week

These were the worst performing ETFs of the week. TPOR — Direxion Daily Transportation Bull 3X Shares -24.05% BULZ — MicroSectors Solactive FANG & Innovation 3X Leveraged ETN -23.33% MSOX — AdvisorShares MSOS 2x Daily ETF -22.62% MNM — Direxion Daily Metal Miners Bull 2X Shares -19.89% DUSL — Direxion Daily Industrials Bull 3X Shares -18.63%

Space ETF Jumps On AAPL Announcement

The Procure Space ETF (UFO) blasted off last week to almost 280,000 shares, bringing their trading from $105,000 to $5.8 million in just one day. The astonishing growth comes as Apple (AAPL) unveiled the launch of the new iPhone 14 which comes with a new feature for space lovers. The new phone will allow owners to connect the Emergency SOS feature to a satellite when service is unavailable.
ETF Newz Says:

The rapid growth settled after the first day but the volume of trading was explosive.

New ETFs Look To Follow Lawmakers Picks

As there is a growing momentum to regulate US representatives stock trading, two new ETFs may look to track them. The ETFs are, the Unusual Whales Subversive Democratic Trading ETF (NANC) and the Unusual Whales Subversive Republican Trading ETF (KRUZ) with both funds looking to launch after the upcoming 2022 midterms.
ETF Newz Says:

If launched NANC and KRUZ look to invest in the personal portfolios of US lawmakers.