HSBC AM Launches ESG ETF And Announces Three More

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HSBC Asset Management has just announced the launch of a new ESG ETF as well as the future launch of three other funds. The HSBC MSCI World Value ESG ETF (HWVS) launched today and is available for trade on the London Stock Exchange and will be shortly followed by the HSBC MSCI World Small Cap ESG UCTIS ETF (HWSC). These two will be followed by two emerging market ETFs, the HSBC MSCI Emerging Market Value ESG UCITS ETF (HEMV) and the HSBC MSCI Emerging Market Small Cap ESG UCITS ETF (HESC) launch on the 28th and 31st of October. The value ETFs will follow the MSCI Target Value SRI Screened World and Emerging Markets indexes while the small-cap ETFs will track the MSCI Emerging Small Cap Select SRI Screened ESG index and the MSCI World Small Cap ESG Leaders SRI Select index.

ETF Newz Says:

The launch comes at a promising time as value ETFs have recorded the biggest Q3 outflows with investors flocking to growth strategies.


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