BlackRock, the largest ETF issuer globally, is making an attempt to penetrate the retirement industry

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BlackRock’s iShares unit unveiled a set of active ETFs as part of the iShares LifePath suite. These ETFs have target dates ranging from 2025 to 2065. They are designed to shift the asset allocation mix between stocks and bonds as the investor approaches retirement, transitioning into the iShares Target Retirement ETF at the specified retirement date. Historically, mutual funds have been the dominant choice for retirement planning, especially within employer-sponsored 401(k) plans. ETFs have not been included in these plans. BlackRock aims to address the roughly 50% of Americans without access to retirement savings tools like employer-sponsored 401(k) plans.


ETF Newz Says:

While ETFs have their advantages, convincing retail investors to use ETFs for retirement accounts can be challenging. Some investors, particularly younger ones, may view stock trading more as a short-term activity akin to gambling. BlackRock acknowledges that ETFs alone cannot address the broader issue of retirement savings education but believes they can be a suitable investment wrapper for the right retail investor.


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