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Silver ETFs Gaining Popularity Amongst Investors

Silver exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have gained popularity among Indian investors, with an asset base of nearly ₹1,800 crore ($240 million) as of March 2023, within one and a half years of their introduction by markets regulator SEBI. Seven silver ETFs are currently available in India, all of which were launched in 2022. Nippon India Silver ETF and ICICI Prudential Silver ETF are the largest contributors to the total asset under management (AUM). Silver ETFs offer an easy and convenient way to invest in the metal, without the hassles of physical storage, and with the assurance of metal purity. The growing demand for silver from industries such as electric vehicles, solar, and 5G has also contributed to the increasing interest in silver ETFs. Prior to the introduction of silver ETFs, physical silver and silver futures were the available investment avenues for those looking to take exposure to this asset class. India is the third-largest silver physical investment market in the world, after Germany and the US.