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CIRCA5000 Launches 5 New UCITS ETFs

CIRCA5000 is launching a new range of impact-focused UCITS ETFs, offering complete portfolio coverage of the investible UN SDGs. The range includes:

  1. CIRCA5000 Green Energy & Technology UCITS ETF – focused on eliminating 51 billion tonnes of CO2e emitted into the atmosphere each year.
  2. CIRCA5000 Sustainable Food & Biodiversity UCITS ETF – focused on protecting and restoring ecosystems and biodiversity through sustainable production techniques and technologies.
  3. CIRCA5000 Clean Water & Waste UCITS ETF – focused on improving access to water globally and facilitating safe and effective waste management.
  4. CIRCA5000 Social & Economic Empowerment UCITS ETF – focused on creating equal social and economic opportunities for all subsets of society whilst progressing human development.
  5. CIRCA5000 Health & Wellbeing UCITS ETF – focused on ensuring the world’s population has access to the basic goods and services required to live a healthful life.

ETF Newz Says:

The CIRCA5000 ETF range has received FCA recognition, with launch/listing anticipated in Summer 2023. summarize and list the ETFs