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ANMOL SINGH | From Live Traders

Now the, you can’t actually lose all their money because they will, even if they, even though they might be giving you 10,000, 10 million, if you lose, let’s say $5,000 in a day, it it, it automatically shuts off the platform. So that was good because that’s force risk management, right? Which most traders don’t have. Most traders lose because they keep going when they’re losing. Whereas at the firm, if you have a lost target, if it’s hit you’re done for the day, come back tomorrow, they might have lost targets for the week. If you get done for the day, you know, done for the week, come back next week. And at the same level you’d also have profit targets. So it was actually like a, you know, approach that was very binary. You can see your progression, which actually really helps cuz as an individual trader, that’s one of the things we don’t have is a progression path.