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Great restaurants, great coffee, great brewery scene as well if you ever visit that’s my plug for tourism, New Zealand. Basically, the son, Scott, our CTO today. His idea was, “Well, I think we could actually do this stuff in a cloud-based way,” which 10, 12 years ago, it was a really new concept. If you think about an investment portfolio or accounting software, think about all the calculations that have to be happening at all times, right? If you’ve got a stock portfolio of like a hundred positions, you make it all kinds of trades, you know, thousands of trades, lots of dividends coming in, performance that updates every 20 minutes that’s a heck of a lot of calculations. And it’s a lot of work for a browser or a computer to deliver on a real-time basis. What you’ll find even to this day, if you walk into say the back office of a mutual fund company or something like that, the analysts are often using offline software that sits on a local computer machine, because a lot faster, basically.