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Engine No. 1 Launches Transform Supply Chain ETF

ETF issuer, Engine No. 1 has just announced the launch of their second actively managed fund. The Engine No. 1 Transform Supply Chain ETF (SUPP) looks to offer investors the opportunity to gain on America’s competitiveness and the relocalization of supply chains and jobs. SUPP plans to accomplish this through a portfolio of companies that look to drive supply chain resilience as well as long term value creation by way of relocalization of transportation, manufacturing, automation, and innovation management. A quote from the Head of ETFs at Engine No. 1 states, “We’re building a portfolio that capitalizes on the transition from old technologies to new ones, from short-term expediency to long-term value creation, and away from the low-cost-at-all-costs thinking of the last 30 years towards a more resilient and modern American economy that is a leader in global competitiveness and that creates well-paying jobs here at home.”

ETF Newz Says:

This new ambitious fund from Engine No. 1 aims to invest in our own future and the transition processes involved.