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Vanguard Launches New ETF & Mutual Fund Service In Germany

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Vanguard has just announced the expansion of their German retail platform with the launch of Vanguard Invest Direkt, a new service that looks to offer self-directed investing for its ETFs and mutual funds. The service comes 11 months after the launch of Vanguard Invest Anlageservice and according to Vanguard, Invest Direkt will be an execution-only service that will compliment Anlageservice, which uses questionnaires to analyze client risk and create personalized portfolios that are monitored and rebalanced accordingly. The new service will charge €7 per trade and €25 for one-time investments and monthly savings plans with clients being able to access their investments on the Vanguard Invest Direkt app. A quote from the head of Vanguard Invest states, “We are now meeting three distinct investor needs by adding Vanguard Invest Direkt. One: for those investors that seek to build their own portfolio. Two: for investors seeking a low-cost, uncomplicated single-fund solution such as the Vanguard LifeStrategy ETF range. Three: for those that want Vanguard to build a custom portfolio based on their investment goal and risk tolerance.”