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Matthews Asia Launches Emerging Markets Ex-China ETF

ETF issuer, Matthews Asia, has just announced the launch of a new fund looking to offer exposure to an emerging markets ex-China strategy. The Matthews Emerging Markets ex China Active ETF (MEMX) is available for trade on the NYSE. MEMX will look to lower country-specific risk factors while also tapping into a broad range of emerging markets. A quote from the CEO of Matthews Asia states, “Many investors want to have specific control of their China exposure, either to avoid it or to precisely allocate their exposures to this unique single-country allocation due to its size and market depth… We believe MEMX enables investors to reduce single-country risk while improving diversification through exposure to other emerging markets such as smaller and selective exposure in the frontier and other markets.”

ETF Newz Says:

Emerging markets can offer investors a lot of long-term growth potential.