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Bitwise Launches Web3 ETF

Bitwise Asset Management is joining in on the Web3 craze with the launch of a new fund, the Bitwise Web3 ETF (BWEB). The fund looks to offer investor exposure to the emergence of Web3 by tracking the Bitwise Web3 Equities index which follows companies involved in Web3 infrastructure, finance, the metaverse, economy, and governance. A quote from the CIO of Bitwise states, “With the Bitwise Web3 ETF, we’re excited to give investors the opportunity to capture one of the fastest-emerging themes in technology through a diverse mic of companies that we believe will lead the charge.”

ETF Newz Says:

Web3 is the next era of the internet as we know it looking to allow users to own digital assets and data with the service being mainly built upon blockchain technology and crypto.