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Wheat ETF rises above ETF’s value

Natural rural summer landscape. Field of ripe golden wheat in rays of sunlight at sunset against background of sky with clouds.

The Wheat ETF (WEAT) is up 40% since the end of February. It is trading at a 8cent premium to its NAV, which is way above normal. Commodity ETFs operate differently from equity ETFs, which can simply issue new shares to meet rising demand, keeping the premium down. Teucrium Trading issued all of its shares and was forced to stop creations of the ETF until the SEC had reviewed its request to offer more shares. “We have sold out of the shares that we had registered for issuance and have applied to the SEC to have new shares registered so we can start to issue creates,” said Jake Hanley at Teucrium.

ETF Newz Says:

Commodity ETFs must preregister shares to be sold in an initial offering and then file additional prospectuses to get permission to offer more. This has become a very hot ETF since Russia invaded the Ukraine. The Ukraine has some of the most fertile Wheat growing soil in the World and both Russia and the Ukraine produce 30% of the World's Wheat.