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Fund Flows back into Growth and out of Value

Man hand holding coins and tree look like as planting on greenery background and sunlight for planting.Growth saving and investment concept.

We are seeing some ETF movement back into growth today. The following funds saw positive inflows. DIA: $149 million, IJR: $103 million, IWY: $21 million, SPY: $1.8 billion. At the same time, we are seeing some outflows from value with the IVE, IWD, IWN and IWX, seeing approximately 275 Mil in outflows.

ETF Newz Says: Investors might be trying to get back into the growthier side of the market thinking we have over-corrected. YTD the SPY is down nearly 13%, the QQQ is down 19%. Year over year nearly all of the gains of the QQQ have been removed in this recent correction.