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Capital Group ETFs launch on Thursday

The following six funds will debut on NYSE (ARCA)
Capital Group Core Plus Income ETF CGCP
Capital Group Global Growth Equity ETF CGGO
Capital Group Growth ETF CGCR
Capital Group Dividend Value ETF CGDV
Capital Group International Focus Equity ETF
Capital Group Core Equity ETF
The funds are actively managed which represent an alternative to what generally is an indexed based offering.

ETF Newz Says:

From Capital Group ETF head Holly Framsted. “Up until a couple years ago, ETFs were mostly index-based, and I think that really pushed a lot of investors who preferred the ETF vehicle in a style of investing that wasn't necessarily aligned with how they wanted to manage money,” This is an interesting change, generally thematic ETFs or specialized ETFs are actively managed and these types of ETFs are indexed. Definitely a game changer and unique.